Moving BIM to a revenue generating asset

Working with your preferred, regular software at key stages of workflow, simply add Tridify into the mix to provide your clients and internal & external teams, with a simple to use, easy to understand tool to review and discuss your projects. Viewed over mobile or iPad, (no additional expensive software to purchase or ‘heavy’ hardware required) you can instantly access any BIM information attached to each element, discuss, make changes, annotate comments and share.

  • Effectively engage, manage expectations and delivery across Strategy & Brief, Concept & Definition, Design & Build, Handover & Operations

  • Keep control of your project at all stages through Tridify’s straightforward semi-automated service (fully automated in 2018)

  • Form long term commercial relationships through the ability to extend the life value of BIM models into Handover & Operations Stage

Cost of ownership

Reduces Total cost of Ownership

Rationalise solutions by testing scenarios quickly and effectively

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Increases Margins

Obtain early purchase orders by ‘walking’ around the internal environment and taking in views of actual surroundings, products and equipment, changing colours, light and materials

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Speed up

Speeds up Delivery

Deliver faster returns through decision consensus

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Increases ROI

Attract and secure investors (even at Strategy & Brief stage, pre BIM), through the ability to combine concept designs with Tridify’s immersive virtual environments

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Speed up

Provides people with the power

Time is a resource that cannot be replaced. People have the desire to be connected and have means to communicate whenever it suits them.

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Tridify is a deal-making machine that gives much needed support in the fast-paced property transaction and leasing market. We can understand our customers’ needs better and respond to the more quickly and effectively thanks to Tridify.

Tom Gronlund
Head of Transactions, Aberdeen Asset Management
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Software like Tridify can visualise a dental clinic along with Planmeca equipment in the correct dimensions quickly and easily. Currently, 3D plans take time to create as they are often produced by a third party. Importing a clinic floor plan into Tridify allows you to move around the layout and change the colour of the equipment yourself.

Suvi Jakkula

Getting started is simple.

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