Why choose Tridify


by Paula Lain, Marketing Director at Tridify
on Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

Whilst a question-mark hangs over the UK property market as an impending hard Brexit looms, what can everyone in the supply chain do to maximise potential for a positive outcome?

E&C companies do agree that they must embrace technology and increase their strength in lucrative corners of the sector; in fact, 68% say they will implement a cost reduction initiative over the next 12 months¹

We are advocates of the Business Technology Agenda, delivering tech that helps firms win, serve and retain custom, and with clients already in APAC, ME, AMEA and Australia reaping the benefits, we want to support the British economy and be part of helping grow the market.

Using Tridify’s collaboration service enables everyone across the construction and development value chain to easily produce cost savings, shorten the sales cycle and achieve a faster return on investment. As well as reducing expensive re-working, re-builds and wastage across the build process, we effectively address the issue of Decision Latency. The time that is lost waiting for all parties to agree on an outcome.  This could be as simple as choosing wall materials to the complex decision on the number of floors in a new block.  Tridify can manage this wide range of scenarios using the same core data.

Importantly, our automated Cloud based solution is platform agnostic, scalable, quick to implement and learn, developed because we listened to peoples’ requirements, appreciating that time is a resource that cannot be replaced.

But we also understand tech and how people have the desire to be connected and have means to communicate whenever it suits them – as such we are leading the market on delivering our toolset across smartphones, tablets to immersive “Cave” experiences.

Entire projects can be accessed anytime, anywhere and at any point of the process; Our collaboration platform connects Architects with Developers, Sales and Marketing with Planning and Facilities, and can take the process right the way through to end-users buying furniture for apartments or offices.

Tridify enables these models to be modified and adapted easily; Whether structural issues such as widening a stairwell or moving access points, to cosmetic considerations such as adding furniture, moving lighting, colouring walls or changing flooring, Tridify supports the process at every touch point in the value chain.

We know from research that the involvement of a user at the design stage, providing functional and practical input to the building, prior to construction, can reduce the fitout cost by over 20%².  Late-in-the-day redesigns are practically eradicated as Tridify allows people to experience accurate representations of their environments before they are built.

We engaged with non-technical staff at a hospital development, and a Clinician recognised that a corridor would not be wide enough for two stretchers. Moving a wall by two meters is far more costly and troublesome, and far less sustainable in a physical build environment than in a digital space, but having been able to modify this in the data model, the savings were immediately quantifiable.

Dental equipment company Planck is using Tridify as a key sales tool by creating accurate visualisations of its clients’ clinic environments to help them plan and design more effective workspaces, and illustrate how its products could be used and positioned most efficiently – this is helping boost their sales.

Also, we know that visualisation has been shown to increase Sales Value by 120% over conventional decision support tools such as drawings or material samples³.

Not only can we meet these projections, we can, with the right client and project, exceed them! We regularly demonstrate how Tridify is an enabler for greater efficiency in work flow, not to mention the economic benefits it brings. A market leading UK Civil Engineering Group (with an investment portfolio of £7.51 billion), average re-work costs are established at a 7.5% contingency across new build and refurbishment; in a fully data described environment, we have results where this has been reduced between 50% – 90%.

Setting expectations for the development of a new work and residential area is a significant task. The residential development is a lifestyle choice that Tridify enhances by establishing the authority and authenticity of the overall project. The visions of the concept architects need to be communicated across many different disciplines and to several audiences; for example, to end users – a resident in a new tower apartment or a worker in one of the spectacular new office buildings.

This is the communication gap exists that Tridify addresses.

Tridify is being used to sell spaces in Redi, a new 33-story building in Helsinki, by creating true VR visualisations of the incredible views people will be able to enjoy from the property once it is complete.

Another example from our client Aberdeen Asset Management who are using Tridify to streamline its renting and leasing process for the properties they manage. Here we are facilitating collaboration to best effect; multiple parties can interact online from around the world via different devices, any modifications can then be discussed and applied accurately in real time to give an instant impression of how they would work in practice.

Tomi Gronlund Head of Transactions at Aberdeen Asset Management says:

“Tridify is a deal-making machine that gives much needed support in the fast-paced property transaction and leasing market. We can understand our customers’ needs better and respond to them more quickly and effectively thanks to Tridify. The process is also much more personalised and tailored to each customer’s specific needs, shortening lead times and resulting in greater customer satisfaction.”

In summary Tridify is moving BIM from being an overhead to a revenue generating asset. It is an excellent collaboration, consultation, planning and sales tool for all stakeholders and public, not just the technical professionals. A wider audience combined with better engagement with the community enables more powerful design considerations, effective construction techniques and efficient health and safety decisions.

Tridify is building excellence at your fingertips – for smart people delivering smart buildings for smart customers, and ultimately delivering smart returns both fiscally and emotionally.

¹PWC, ²RICS 2014, ³Audi London 2014.