Architects and BIM Managers

Share & collaborate at all stages of workflow. Click on our model embedded on this website - ready to explore in less than a minute! Please note that download times on phones may vary dependant on phone type/operating system.

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Design and construction consensus

Share 3D models on the web in just minutes. Whether internally with teams, with clients or contractors, you can send a link and they can access your 3D model from anywhere and at any stage of the workflow. A secure process, you control who sees it, monitor when they’ve accessed it and generally help people move through the processes of delivering a build faster.

How will Tridify help my workflow?

Get 3D on the web in minutes – it’s an automated process. No apps or programming skills required!

Instant sharing

Share a link to your 3D model from anywhere using WhatsApp, social media, email, websites – global reach in an instant!

View across any device

View your 3D model on mobile, tablet, desktop or via VR headsets to suit your needs, be that on the move, on site, in the office, at home

Easy collaboration

Seamlessly collaborate with internal teams, external partners and customers – keep complete control on who has access

Effective measurement

Use links within your online Lead Generation Campaigns – easily apply metrics for analysing results

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