Tridify Convert is an outstanding service!

Posted by Paula Lain, Firestarter on 6th December 2018

BLP is a multidisciplinary Australian practice which combines architecture, urban planning, health & pharma planning, and interior design with over 100 specialists renowned for award-winning projects. We first worked with Tridify Convert on a 125,000sqm hospital project, taking the BIM model into Unity with all the data attached.

What an outstanding service – instead of taking weeks, the automated conversion took a matter of minutes, and now that the data was available in Unity, the advanced search function meant that we could collate all objects in a matter of a couple of clicks. This allowed us to perform mobility clearance checks using Unity’s Pathfinding in a matter of minutes; typically we might spend a week on this function alone.

Now working with Tridify Convert, not only can we speed-up our workflow so we can spend more time on the creative elements, we can turn around multiple projects in the same timeframe. Tridify Convert is a must-have service for anyone developing a BIM-data to Unity visualisation workflow.”

Adrian Esdaile
Senior Project Architect / BIM Manager
Billard Leece Partnership, Sydney Australia

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