Tridify and Unity Technologies collaborate to announce Automation Solution for AEC Customers

Posted by Paula Lain on 10th December 2018


Partnership allows experts in AEC to bridge the gap between BIM and Unity

Tridify, software technology specialist delivering automation products for the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction industry (AEC), announced today a partnership with Unity Technologies to deliver Tridify Convert, an automation tool available on the Unity Asset store, which will streamline Unity AEC developer workflows.

“We have a deep understanding of BIM and the AEC industry having used Unity to develop our own AEC visualization application over five years ago,” said Juha Alanen, EVP of Sales at Tridify. “Our R&D team recognized that by working with Unity, we could deliver a solution that would automatically streamline the process of delivering UV-mapped and optimized architectural models to XR-ready 3D files. Together, with Unity, we are solving the problem of repetitive, slow, and error-prone re-modeling.”

Tridify Convert is an automatically scalable Building Information Modeling (BIM) cloud service, enabling the conversion of 3D BIM CAD data into Unity in real-time. It delivers UV-mapped and optimized models regardless of the project size. Tridify Convert includes a simple Industry Foundation Class (IFC) file export from all BIM and CAD software platforms, with automated features such as material mapping, colliders, and lighting generation.

“Unity’s mission is to solve hard problems for all developers and working with Tridify ensures that our AEC developers can save money, increase efficiencies, and improve collaboration,” said Tim McDonough, General Manager of Industrial at Unity Technologies. “For designers, engineers, and trailblazers across AEC, Unity is the most versatile and widely used real-time 3D platform for visualizing products and building interactive and virtual experiences and we look forward to working with Tridify to shape the future of AEC.”

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About Tridify Limited

Tridify was established in Finland in 2012 with their HQ in Helsinki and Sales teams based in Singapore, Dubai, London, and Sydney. Their technologists have over 30 years plus working in VR, and for the last 5, Tridify has been focusing on developing a solution to automate the delivery of 3D architectural models to XR ready 3D files.

To test the market and technology to both customers and stakeholders, Tridify developed their application called TridifyRT¹ for AEC professionals. This software takes existing 3D assets and smart objects and creates immersive, interactive virtual environments that allow users to manipulate dynamic objects online real-time.

The automated conversion technology was developed as an internal tool to help deliver the applications easily to architects, developers, interior designers, and facility managers. Now with proven demand, Tridify have launched their ground-breaking service, Tridify Convert that enables the conversion of 3D BIM & CAD models to Unity with BIM data attached, to the Unity developer global community as a partner of Unity.

Using the Tridify BIM toolset, the BIM data can now be accessed in Unity. Not only can Unity developers connect all 3D objects to the original IFC data, but they can also access several automated features that include colliders, material mapping, and lighting, which will save time, money and human resources.

Ref 1
TridifyRT is an application for AEC professionals designed by Tridify and currently only available direct from Tridify. This software takes existing 3D assets and smart objects and creates immersive, interactive virtual environments that allow users to manipulate dynamic objects online real-time.


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