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Tridify Revit GLTF Material Exporter

Easily export your Revit project materials to GLTF. The plugin generates GFLT materials with textures, bump maps, normal maps and surface styles. Sign up for the Tridify service

Revit version support: 2020, 2019
General Usage Instructions 
  1. Sign up to Tridify BIM Publishing Service
  2. Open Revit project
  3. Start the plugin by clicking the plugin icon. To enable the export functionality use Tridify service credentials and login
  4. Select the Tridify project where you want the materials to be exported
  5. Select export and the plugin automatically exports all Revit project materials to GLTF format and uploads them to the selected project
  6. Publish your BIM to web with Tridify
How to use Tridify BIM Publishing Service

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