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How to Use Material Replacer in BIM Tools

In this tutorial you will learn how to use Tridify BIM Tools to replace materials. If you haven’t done it already, you can start a free 14 day Tridify trial and begin exploring the Tridify 3D BIM publishing service.

1. Open Material Replacer window

You can access the Material Replacer via Tools › Tridify › Material Replacer

Tridify menu
Tridify menu
2. Replace material

In the Material Replacer window you can see a list of all materials that were detected in your IFC file.
If you click on a little triangle next to the name of the material you will see a preview of how your original IFC material will look in Unity.

To identify all the objects that are assigned to the material click the name of the material in the Material Replacer.

You can replace materials in your scene by selecting new material in little window to the right.

Selected material preview will appear.

If you happen to select same material as a replacement for several materials, it will be highlighted.

Replace single material
Replace single material
3. Apply material

To apply material mapping click ‘Apply in scene’ button.

Apply materials in scene
Apply materials in scene
Save and load mapping

To preserve your changes click ‘Save mapping to file…’, it will save your new material settings as a text file. Please note that this has to be done before you apply materials.

Material mapping text files can also be edited in text format if your materials have descriptive names.

You can load previously created material mapping by browsing for it in ‘Load mapping from file…’ window. It allows switching all materials in the scene together.


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