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How to Upload IFC and Convert with Tridify

In this tutorial you will learn how to upload your file to the service and start the conversion process. You will need to sign up to Tridify Service and start a free 14 day Tridify trial. Then you can begin uploading and processing your IFC files. Currently Tridify supports IFC 2×3 format. You can also use our sample IFC file to test the service (unzip the file before uploading to the service).

1. Select your project

After logging in to the service you will land on Projects page. Select your project.

2. Upload IFC

Files exported from BIM and CAD software in IFC format can be uploaded via this page. Inside your project, either click the dropzone or drag’n’drop the file, to upload.

3. File validation

After your upload is finished, it will take a moment for your file to be checked and validated.

If your file receives status ‘Validation failed’ you can click the file name, or Action menu › View details. On File details page you’ll see the status ‘Validation failed’. You might also find a ‘Validation log’ which offers, in some most common cases, an explanation why validation has failed.

4. Start new conversion

Once your file is ready for conversion, it will display ‘Validated’ status.
A ‘Start new conversion’ button appears. Click it to start the process.

5. Select conversion options and start the conversion

When starting a new conversion, you’ll get two conversion option choices.

‘Split by Storey’ will arrange elements in the file according to their home storey (home level). It is advisable to use this option to make files easier to navigate and work with. This is required if you are planning to publish your model to web by using Tridify Viewer. This option is needed also if you will be generating lights with Tridify BIM Tools in Unity.

Option “Generate Ceiling Slabs and Extras to Storeys” will generate an additional ceiling object, in case you are importing files to Unity containing a single floor of a multi-storey building. This isn’t recommended when publishing to web.

Click ‘Start conversion’ once you’re satisfied with your options.

You will see ‘My files’ list again, but now your file status says ‘In conversion queue’ as it waits to be processed.

As soon as the process is complete, the status will change to ‘Conversion complete’. In brackets you will see how many files have been successfully created from your IFC file, and if there are any that have failed.

Next, you can choose whether you want to publish your BIM to web or import it to Unity.



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