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How to Import BIM Models to Unity

In this tutorial you will learn how to import BIM models into Unity using IFC. If you haven’t done it already, you can start a free 14 day Tridify trial and begin exploring the Tridify BIM Publishing Service.

Before you start you need to download Tridify BIM Tools and import Tools into Unity.

1. Open Conversion Projects window

Select Tools › Tridify › Conversion Projects
(or use Ctrl+Alt+O hotkey)

Tridify menu
Tridify menu
2. Log in to your conversion projects

A Unity tab “Conversions” will appear. Log in using your email and password, the same ones you used for logging into the Tridify Convert web service.

Once you are logged in, you will see ‘My files’ list again.
Select project you would like to load into the scene, by clicking the name.

File view
File view
3. Load selected conversion

You will see the folders created based on your .ifc file.
If your file has not converted completely yet you will see ‘Conversion in progress…’ status. You can check the status of your conversion by clicking ‘Reload’ button.

Select all files by clicking ‘Select all’.

If you expand the folders, you will see that objects are further grouped by type.
If you selected ‘Split by Type’ option in the conversion – all walls, doors, furniture, etc. are organised according to their IFC type.

Select all files by clicking ‘Select all’, and load them with ‘Load selected’

It might take a little while for large projects to be loaded.

You should now see your model!

Note the Hierarchy tab on the left has groups according to the IFC object type and level (floor).

Load conversion
Load conversion

You can find associated IFC data and Materials in Inspector window by selecting an IFC object in your model.

BIM data in Inspector
BIM data in Inspector

We recommend you to create a Prefab Asset of the imported model. When a building is imported into Unity using Tridify BIM Tools, the IFC data is attached only to the objects that are in the Hierarchy window. In the Project window you will find models and their meshes but they don’t have IFC data attached. When you create a Prefab you will have your building and it’s IFC data in your project for later use.


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