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How to Use Cutting Planes Tool

The Cutting Planes tool allows you to display a cross section of a building. The tool affects just the view, not the geometry. Everything on the other side of the cutting plane is temporarily hidden from view. The cutting planes and their effects are excluded when a viewer link is shared.

Please note that the Cutting Planes tool is accessible in the viewer only if the tool is selected when publishing the viewer.

To turn the cutting function on, click the Cutting Planes icon.

Click + to add a new cutting plane. The maximum amount of cutting planes is four.

Move and rotate the cutting plane to the desired location.
Move the cutting plane by dragging the blue arrow.

Rotate the cutting plane by dragging the green and red rings.

Click icon to enable angle snapping; the rotations will take place in 5 degree increments.
Disable angle snapping by clicking icon again.

You can show or hide the cutting plane manipulator by clicking the Cutting Planes icon. The cutting effect of the planes will still be used even when the manipulators aren’t shown.

Click x on the cutting plane to remove it and its effect.

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