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How to Improve Tridify Viewer Performance

The time that Tridify web viewer takes to open vary depending on the size of your model, type of end device used and network connection speed. If you’re having issues with long loading times when opening your model to the web viewer, here are some tips you can try.

Before exporting the IFC file:

  • Filter away the elements you don’t necessarily need to see
    E.g. if your model includes plumbing system and electrical system, but you are mostly interested in presenting architectural solution and furniture layout, filter model to only include elements that are of significance.
  • Export each discipline as a separate IFC file
    You will be able to combine separate files in the Tridify Service. That way you can choose to publish and share only the necessary files. Find out more in How to combine models
  • Leave out the furniture
    If the interior of the model is mostly irrelevant, you might not want to export the furniture. Large amount of furniture usually causes slow performance.
  • Lower the level of detail
    If your model is very big (e.g. an airport) consider lowering the level of detail when exporting IFC.
  • Use optimization tools provided by your CAD software
    E.g. in Revit you can purge unused elements from the project, an option that greatly improves the performance.
  • Avoid linked and nested models
    When modelling you might want to avoid the use of linked and nested models as they are not supported by IFC export.
  • Proper representation of materials
    To ensure meaningful representation of materials, make sure that the material RGB colors are close to what they should be. If e.g. HVAC system is colored in technical bright colors of a rainbow, it is likely to look the same in the viewer. However, if you expect ducts to look like metal painted white, before the export you have to set up the RGB colors of the elements to be white-gray. IFC doesn’t include textures and only includes RGB colors of materials.

After processing the IFC file in Tridify:

  • Combine only necessary files
    You can choose to combine only the files that are necessary for the specific use case. You can for example select an architectural model and furniture and share the published view link with a client. Or select an architectural and an electrical model and share the link with your team member. You’ll find the tutorial here: How to Combine Models in Web Publishing
  • Publish only one storey or a part of the building
    When creating a viewer you can select whether you want to publish the whole model or just parts of it.

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