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How to Export IFC from Revit

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General process to export IFC from Revit:

1. Skip this step if you want to export whole model.
To export only desirable object types make sure you have the correct IFC mapping set up.
Go to File > Export > Options > IFC Options

A window will appear, there you can set up which IFC classes and types will correspond to which Revit objects, families and components.
You can also choose any object types not be exported (e.g. if you want to export the model without furniture).

More info on IFC export mapping

2. To export an IFC file from Revit go to File > Export > IFC

3. An “Export IFC” window will appear, where you can select which projects you want to export and a file name for your exported file.
If you are experiencing problems with the IFC export output you might want to modify export setup:
Click “Modify setup…”, in new opened window make sure you have IFC version set: IFC 2×3 Coordination View 2.0 selected.

4. After you’re satisfied with your export settings, click “OK” and “Export”.

Possible problems with export:

If you have used continuous multi-level structures you might want to “Split walls, columns, ducts by level” (e.g. to make sure a piece of column is present on each floor when you view model floor-by-floor, otherwise if you would select only 2.Floor, and all your columns were continuous with home story on 0.Floor they would be only visible together with 0.Floor objects).

If you have complex curved elements or shells and they do not display correctly after the IFC export, consider checking option “Keep Tessellated Geometry as Triangulation” under Level of Detail tab, as well as changing Level of Detail to High. Keep in mind that it might produce a very heavy IFC file.

If you happen to use Walls as Parts in your project make sure to check out “Advanced” tab and select “Export parts as building elements” as the IFC export might ignore walls that are comprised of parts, and might not include them in IFC export output.

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