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How to Combine Models in Web Publishing

In this tutorial you will learn how to combine models in web publishing. If you don’t have an account set up, you will need to sign up to Tridify Service and start a free 14 day Tridify trial.

Upload your IFC file into the project and select Start new conversion. Repeat this with other files. Please note that all IFCs that will be combined should be in the same project.

Once the process is complete the checkbox on the left becomes available:

Select the files you would like to publish together to create a multi-model view, e.g. architectural model + engineering systems (i.e. MEP and HVAC) or several buildings situated next to each other:

Once you have selected all files you want to see displayed together, click Publish to Web:

This takes you to the Published link page, where you’ll find the shareable link that you can copy or open. On the page you’ll also find list of files included in the web viewer, and keys of the separate models in case you are developing your own application:

Click Open to access the newly created view:

Manage published links

You’ll find all the links you have published to web on your project’s Published links page.

Here you can choose to unpublish or view details of the published links.

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