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How to Add Custom IFC Attributes in ArchiCAD and Access Them in Unity

The guide takes you through the process of assigning searchable custom IFC attributes for your objects and access them in Unity through Search in Tridify BIM Tools. If you would also like to explore the Tridify Service, you can start a FREE 14 DAY TRIAL at any time.

In ArchiCAD go to object, in our example a wall, selection settings:

Here you can see a custom attribute added in ArchiCAD:

Attributes added this way would be visible in your IFC files after export (using default ArchiCAD IFC export settings). Image below shows our custom attribute visible in the exported IFC file:

Same custom attribute is present in your file after it has been processed in Tridify, as IFC parameters are accessible in Unity via Tridify BIM Tools.

To search for your custom parameters in your Unity Project go to Tools > Tridify > Search Tool, or use a hotkey Ctrl+Alt+E


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