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How to Create Floor Lighting in Unity with BIM Tools

In this tutorial you will learn how to use Tridify BIM Tools in Unity to create lighting by storey. If you haven’t done it already, you can start a free 14 day Tridify trial and begin exploring the Tridify 3D BIM publishing service.

1. Open Floor Lighting window

Floor Lighting tool automatically creates basic lights and light probes into a building model.

Open Tools > Tridify > Floor Lighting (or use Ctrl+Alt+L hotkey)

Tridify menu
Tridify menu
2. Define floors and ceiling objects

In Floor Lighting tab the Object Definitions menu shows all detected levels where automatic lighting generation is possible.

Floor Lighting tool will automatically detect blocking objects (boundaries: floor, ceilings, columns, and furniture items that define room shape e.g. tall shelves, wardrobes) by using BIM data. Note that BIM model and data must be created correctly.

It is also possible to select blocking objects manually by defining or underfining objects in Object Definitions menu.

All defined floors, Blocking Objects can be found in level dropdown list.

It’s also possible to select, reset and clear all defined objects.

Objects definitions for lighting
Objects definitions for lighting
3. Adjust settings if needed and create lights

In Floor Lighting Settings you can change parameters that affect the end results of lighting generation. You can also load and save your settings into a text file.

Floor Lighting settings
Floor Lighting settings
4. Create Floor Lighting

‘Create Floor Lighting’ button will create lights and light probes automatically to all selected floors.

*Note that floors, blocking objects (ceilings and floor slabs) must be defined correctly to get successful end result.

*Also note that it’s not usually possible to create lighting to roof level.

Created lights and light probes will appear under building level hierarchy. If you have generated lights on multiple floors (levels) it will place the light group under it’s respective floor in the hierarchy.

Generated lights are by default emissive light planes. They are used to generate light in a scene using “Realtime Global Illumination (GI)”.

Light planes and probes
Light planes and probes
5. Generate lighting

In Lighting Settings window (Window > Rendering > Lighting Settings) select Realtime GI and uncheck Mixed Lighting Baked Global Illumination. Precomputed Realtime GI enables updating the scene interactively. More information about Mixed Lighting Baked GI:

If  “Auto Generate” is off start baking lightmaps by clicking “Generate Lighting” button in Lighting window’s Scene tab. Baking might take some time depending on the size of the model.

Generate lighting
Generate lighting


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