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Using BIM Search Tool in Unity

1. Open Search window

Open Search window (Tools › Tridify › Search Tool)
(or use Ctrl+Alt+E hotkey)

Open search from Tridify menu
Open search from Tridify menu
2. Select search parameters

A search window will appear, where you can find elements using following search parameters:
IFC Product Type (e.g. IfcWall, IfcSlab).
IFC GUID (e.g. 1hOSvn6df7F8_7GcBWlRGQ),
IFC Name (e.g. Room 103, Door_Single-Flush146),
IFC Property (e.g. FireRating),
GameObject Name (e.g. SW – 028)
GameObject Component (e.g. Mesh Renderer)
GameObject Tag (e.g. Ceiling)
GameObject Layer (e.g. Floor).

You can select how exact is your search: ‘is’ option will look for exact match, and ‘contains’ will seek all entries that contain the word you input. Same options available for Value.

Search parameters
Search parameters
3. Add aditional search parameters

Next to search parameters is a little button with ‘+’, that allows to set up additional search filters, and select, for example, only walls with FireRating 20 minutes.

Additional search parameters
Additional search parameters
4. Saving search or selecting pre-made search settings

You can save your search by clicking Save Search.

You can also select one of our pre-made search settings for example searching all floors, wall or ceiling elements..

Pre-made and saved search settings
Pre-made and saved search settings

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