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Can I share my project with others?

Yes, you can. Tridify users with whom you have shared your project, will be able to:
- upload IFC files
- download IFC files
- delete IFC files (conversions and published viewer links will also be deleted)
- publish to web
- import converted models to Unity

Only the project owner can add or remove users.
Tutorial: Creating and Sharing Projects

There are multiple specifications of IFC. What should I use?

Currently Tridify supports IFC 2x3 format, so make sure to select the correct format when you export IFC files.

When can we expect IFC4 support?

IFC4 support is something we are working on. For now Tridify supports IFC 2x3.

Why does your service only support IFC formatted files? Why not FBX, SMC …

IFC format is a global standard that is not controlled by any specific company or linked to any product. Customers using our service have the possibility to use any design software that supports IFC export.

Why IFC format?

IFC files not only have 3D data but also the whole data set for each object set in the CAD software. This means that our software can recognize different types of objects like a door, windows, etc. Additionally, you get all the data originally inserted to the objects, for example manufacturer, phase of construction, etc.

How do I get IFC files?

All major 3D architecture and CAD software have an IFC export functionality (ArchiCAD, Revit, Tekla, VectorWorks etc). More information about software that supports IFC go to buildingSMART International

What is IFC?

IFC is an acronym for Industry Foundation Classes. It is an ISO/PAS 16739 standard file format that includes 3D data and associated object data. IFC files have file extension .ifc. IFC is a human-readable ASCII file format so it can be opened with a text editor.
More information about IFC go to

I'm unable to sign in with my credentials.

- Are you using a correct email address? We have sent a welcome message from Tridify to the email address you entered when signing up. If you don't find it, check your Junk/Spam folder.
- Are you using a correct password? You can reset password by clicking 'Forgot Password?' at sign-in screen.

If you're still having trouble signing in, contact Tridify Support.

How do I subscribe/unsubscribe to your newsletter?

You can subscribe to the newsletter when you register to Tridify Service. You'll also find newsletter subscription form in the bottom of this web page.
To unsubscribe from newsletter go to one of the emails you have received from us. In the bottom of the email you'll find 'Unsubscribe' link.

How can I delete my Tridify account?

Before you delete your account, note that:
- your account will be deleted immediately
- all your uploaded IFC files will be deleted
- all your uploaded conversions will be deleted
- all your published URLs will be deleted
- your past subscriptions will not be refunded
- deleting an account is permanent and cannot be undone

As an alternative to deleting an account, consider cancelling your subscription plan. That way you will be able to continue working as a member in someone else's project. See on this page How can I cancel my subscription plan?

However, if you want to delete your account, sign in to the account you want to delete. Go to your Account (top right corner) and in 'My profile' click 'Delete my account'.

Thank you for your interest in our service, we're sorry to see you go.

Plans & Billing

The service is subscription based. What does that mean?

When you buy a subscription plan the subscription is valid until cancelled.
The subscription is renewed automatically every month if not cancelled.
Your credit card is automatically charged monthly, at the beginning of every subscription period, unless the subscription is cancelled. If cancelled, the subscription is valid until the end of the paid period.
Learn more about our pricing plans.

Tridify has multiple plans. Which plan should I select?

When selecting the best plan for you, the main thing is to consider how large will your IFC files be. If you have large IFC files you need more IFC storage space to be able to convert the files. If you have lots of small files you should consider how many times you need to convert the files per month and choose the plan accordingly. Find out more about our pricing plans.

How does the conversion count work?

Every plan has the maximum amount of conversion per month. The conversion count resets to zero on the start of every subscription month - this won't effect already converted files.

How does the IFC file storage work in the plan?

After uploading your file to the service, you'll see how much storage you have left. If the storage limit has exceeded, you’ll need to remove files from the storage to continue using the service. The storage space will not reset to zero every month; the files uploaded to the IFC storage are using your storage capacity until they are removed. See our pricing plans.

I want to upgrade my plan to bigger plan. How do I do this?

In your account, go to ‘My plan’ by clicking ‘My plan’ from the top right corner. From there you can change your subscription by selecting ‘Change plan’.

Tridify has multiple subscription plans. What is the difference between the subscriptions?

The subscription plans are defined by two things: IFC file storage and amount of conversion. The bigger the plan, more file storage and conversions you’ll get. Find out more about our pricing plans.

Where can I find my receipt/invoice?

Receipt for your payment will be sent to the email address used in your Tridify account within a few minutes after each payment.
An email receipt will be sent from Stripe (online payment system) with the title/subject "Your receipt from Tridify".
If you can't find your receipt check your Junk/Spam folder.
Still not able to find your receipt? Contact Support

What happens to my conversions and published models if I downgrade my plan?

If you choose to downgrade your plan and have more uploads in storage than your new downgraded plan allows - all of your current uploads and published models will be frozen. You can delete files and conversions to free up some space. When you have enough free capacity (according to new plan) all of the remaining uploads and published conversions will work again. Nothing will be deleted unless you choose to do so.

Who is eligible for a free educational plan?

Individuals who study or are employed in an educational institution. A valid educational institution’s email address is required. Educational plan has 50 conversions per month and a total storage capacity of 200MB. See on this page: How does the IFC file storage work in the plan?

Apply a free Educational plan

Please note the Educational plan is
- valid for 12 months after which it has to be renewed
- for non-commercial projects only

How can I cancel my subscription plan?

If you choose to cancel your subscription plan, it will remain active until the current billing period ends. Your credit card will no longer be charged after the cancellation date. After this date you are still a user of the service, but neither you or your project members can upload or access the files in your projects. As a member, you will still have access to shared projects owned by other users.

To cancel your subscription plan, sign in to Go to your Account (top right corner) and in 'My Plan' click 'Cancel Plan'.

Security of Service

Are my uploaded files secure?

Our automatically scalable cloud service is situated on Amazon AWS cloud service and is created according to AWS's most secure service guidelines. This means that the AWS security team is automatically protecting our service security. Once your file is uploaded using an encrypted connection, the files are saved to an encrypted file service that can’t be decrypted without AWS's decryption service. The files uploaded to our file server are more secure than on most computers in any company premises.
AWS implements and maintains technical and organizational security measures applicable to AWS cloud infrastructure services under globally recognized security assurance frameworks and certifications, including ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, PCI DSS Level 1, and SOC 1, 2, and 3

Who owns the data/file once it has been uploaded?

You, as a user of Tridify Service, retain all ownership of the data/file you have uploaded to Service.

Who has access to my uploaded files/IFCs?

Only those with whom you share your project with.
See tutorial Creating and Sharing Projects

Who has access to my published (Tridify web viewer) link?

Only those who have the URL (web address) to your published link. Links generated in Tridify Service are non-guessable, cryptographically safe hashes. Therefore, they won't be found by e.g. Google.
You can choose to unpublish at anytime, after which the URL is unusable. A new URL will be generated every time you republish.
See how to publish and unpublish your BIM: How to Publish BIM to Web

Tridify Web Conversion Service

I have converted my IFC in Tridify, what now?

Now you can choose to publish your model! Here's a tutorial how to Publish BIM to web.

How do I delete my uploaded IFCs?

You can choose to delete your uploaded IFCs if you don't need them anymore or to free up space in your plan. Please note, that deleting an IFC will also delete all published URLs that are linked to the deleted file.
You can delete an uploaded file by clicking More Options menu (three dots) next to your file and selecting Delete file and conversions...

How do I get access to the Tridify web conversion service?

Our Tridify web conversion service can be found here: To be able to use the conversion service you need to register and log in to the service.

Do you have any tutorial videos?

Yes we do! Please find them in Tutorials and in Youtube.

Can I download my converted file to any other application other than Unity?

Currently you can access the converted file only from the Tridify BIM Tools plugin for Unity. We are working on other solutions. However, you are able to publish your BIMs straight to web - without any applications or software. Find out more here.

What is the result of the conversion?

Results of conversion are: - glTF formatted 3D files - publish to web by using Tridify Viewer or download via API - DAE (Collada) formatted 3D files with the original IFC file data attached - for you to access in your Unity project (requires the use of Tridify BIM Tools)

I have uploaded my files to Tridify. What now?

If your file has been validated you can choose of different conversion methods:
- Split by storey: All floors in the IFC file will be separated into their own files. Recommended when using Tridify Viewer or our Floor Lighting tool in Unity.
- Generate Ceiling Slabs and Extras to Storeys: Upper storey floor slabs and lower storey stairs will be appended to each storey as 2 additional files. This is useful to get complete single storeys with less memory usage in Unity.

You can discover more about your next steps in our tutorials and videos.

The validation failed. Why did this happen?

There are several possibilities why this could have happened.
1. A wrong version of IFC file (IFC 2x3 is supported)
2. The file is not an IFC file
3. File is corrupted
4. File has wrong formatted IFC data
5. File has non-standard IFC data
In most of the cases the error message of the validation will give you detailed information about the failed validation.

Tridify is validating the file that I just uploaded. What does that mean?

The validation checks if the uploaded file is correctly formatted and makes sure that it can be converted correctly. The conversion parameter will change according to the findings of the validation, so you’ll have a better understanding of your file.

I have multiple IFC files in a single project. Can I pack them to a single file like zip, rar, gzip?

No. The file upload service doesn’t support packed files. However, you can upload multiple IFC files in parallel. Take a look at our tutorial on Upload IFC and Convert with Tridify.

Where can I check my current storage capacity and conversion count?

After signing in to our service go to your Account (top right corner). In 'My plan' you can check your IFC file capacity and monthly conversion count.

Is there any other format supported but IFC?

No, but all major 3D architecture and CAD software have an IFC export functionality.

Why cloud-based service?

Benefits of a cloud service for a client:
- maintain control over content
- flexibility to scale up and down quickly and easily - you’ll pay for what you use
- fully scalable service - free your computer for work
- upgrades happen automatically and instantaneously
- no significant investment in licenses or infrastructure needed
- no processing limits
- access your bim from anywhere with any device - supports also mobile working
- safe data storage - Tridify uses AWS cloud service as a cloud provider

Does your service reduce polygon count?

Our conversion service doesn't do poly count reduction. It is mainly meant for converting 3D solid geometry (used in CAD systems) into polygon models. The service makes some optimizing to the model to be able to generate UV-maps (IFC 2x3 doesn't contain texture mapping information). If you have exported a polygon model as IFC and then convert it in our service, the polygon count stays about the same.

How can I access my Tridify processed BIM model?

You can access your models in Unity by using Tridify BIM Tools.
If you are a web developer you can use Tridify API to bring your Tridify processed files into your app. Our tools for developers.

Tridify Web Viewer

What is Tridify web viewer?

It is a web viewer for viewing your BIM models in your browser. No apps, plugins or installation are needed. Viewer's URL is easy to share or embed.
To find out more go to Tutorials

Does it work on any device?

Tridify Viewer works on any device with a browser - smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Viewer requires WebGL support to function (most major browsers support WebGL).

Why opening the viewer of my published BIM takes so long time?

The time that Tridify web viewer takes to open vary depending on the size of your model, type of end device used and your network connection speed. For best performance in mobile we recommend Android devices and Chrome browser.
Here are some tips on How to Improve Web Viewer Performance

Which VR devices are supported?

Tridify web viewer uses WebVR technology, which makes it possible to experience VR in a browser. Compatible headsets: The best user experience, according to our testing, has been with Oculus Go.
Currently the only browser that is supported is Firefox. If you are having problems in VR mode, check that WebVR is enabled. Firefox: View Virtual Reality with Firefox WebVR
Tutorial: How to access VR mode from Viewer

Can I combine multiple 3D models?

Yes, you can. Take a look at our tutorial How to Combine Models in Web Publishing

Who has access to my published (Tridify web viewer) link?

Only those who have the URL (web address) to your published link. Links generated in Tridify Service are non-guessable, cryptographically safe hashes. Therefore, they won't be found by e.g. Google.
You can choose to unpublish at anytime, after which the URL is unusable. A new URL will be generated every time you republish.
See how to publish and unpublish your BIM: How to Publish BIM to Web

Tridify BIM Tools for Unity

Why my BIM Tools don't work like in the tutorial/video?

Make sure you have the latest version of BIM Tools. Sign in to Unity before you download the asset. Otherwise Unity will import the old version of BIM Tools from your cache (Asset Store's Temp folder location in Windows is C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\Unity\Asset Store). You can also download the very latest version of Tridify BIM Tools for Unity developers. If you are still having problems with the BIM Tools, please contact Tridify Support.

Why BIM Tools doesn't show my files or shows only the folders?

- Make sure your file has been successfully converted in - To make sure you get the latest version of Tridify BIM Tools, from the Asset Store to your Unity project, please make sure you are signed in to Unity. If you are not signed in, Unity will import the old version of Tools from your cache. You can also download the latest version of Tridify BIM Tools for Unity developers. Follow the installation instructions on the page.

Where can I download Tridify BIM Tools for Unity?

Tridify BIM Tools are available here.

Can I combine multiple 3D models with your service?

You can import multiple files to your Unity scene by using Tridify BIM Tools. Take a look at our tutorial on importing BIM models to Unity to find out more.

How do I access the converted files in Unity Editor?

You need to login into our web service in Tridify BIM Tools. In Unity select Tools→Tridify→Conversion projects. For username and password use the same credentials that you have used to access our Tridify Convert web service.
Tutorial Import BIM models to Unity

I have downloaded and installed Tridify BIM Tools for Unity, but I can’t see the Tridify menu in Unity editor. What is wrong?

Tridify BIM Tools uses .NET scripting runtime 4.x. To be able to use our tools you need to change the Unity Editor runtime to .NET runtime 4.x. You can change the runtime settings from Edit→Project settings→Player Settings→Other settings→Configuration →Scripting runtime version.
Note: Starting from Unity 2019.2, this option is no longer available in the project settings.

I have converted my files in Tridify. What now?

To continue working with your converted file you need to download our Tridify BIM Tools for Unity. With Tridify BIM Tools you can access the converted files and the original data stored in our database. Check out our tutorials.

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