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I'm unable to sign in with my credentials.

Check your registered mailbox. Have you received a welcome message from Tridify? If your email is not there it might be in your spam folder. If you have received the email, your password might be incorrect. You can reset password by clicking 'Forgot Password?' at sign-in screen. If you still are unable sign in contact support.

There are multiple specifications of IFC. What should I use?

Currently Tridify supports the IFC 2x3 format, so make sure that when you export .ifc files, to select correct format.

Why does your service only support IFC formatted files? Why not FBX, SMC …

IFC format is a global standard that is not controlled or linked by any specific company or product, so the customers that use our service have the possibility to use any design software that supports an IFC export.

Why IFC format?

IFC files not only have 3D data but also the whole data set for each object set in the CAD software. This means that our software can recognize different types of objects like a door, windows, etc. Additionally, you get all the data originally inserted to the objects, for example manufacturer, phase of construction, etc.

How do I get IFC files?

All major 3D architecture and CAD software have an IFC export functionality (ArchiCAD, Revit, Tekla, VectorWorks, etc). More information about software that supports IFC go to  

What is IFC?

IFC is an acronym for Industry Foundation Classes. It is an ISO/PAS 16739 standard file format that includes 3D data and associated object data. IFC files have file extension .ifc. IFC is a human-readable ASCII file format so it can be opened with text editor. More information about IFC go to

Plans & billing

The service is subscription based. What does that mean?

When you buy a subscription plan the subscription is valid until you decide to cancel the subscription. The subscription is renewed automatically every month if the subscription is not cancelled.  The select subscription plan amount is automatically charged monthly from your credit card until the subscription is cancelled. Learn more about our pricing plans.

Tridify has multiple plans. Which plan should I select?

When selecting the best plan for you, the main thing is to consider how large will your IFC files be. If you have large IFC files you need more IFC storage space to be able to convert the files. If you have lots of small files you should consider how many times you need to convert the files per month and choose the plan accordingly. Find out more about our pricing plans.

How does the conversion count work?

Every plan has the maximum amount of conversion per month. The conversion count resets to zero on the start of every subscription month.

How does the IFC file storage work in the plan?

Once you upload an IFC file to our server you can see how much storage you have left after you have uploaded the file. If the storage exceeded the amount, you’ll need to remove the files from the storage to continue using the service. The storage space will not reset to zero every month; the files uploaded to IFC storage are using your storage capacity until they are removed. See our pricing plans here.

I want to upgrade my plan to bigger plan. How do I do this?

In your account, go to ‘My plan’ by clicking ‘My plan’ from the top right corner. From there you can change your subscription by selecting ‘Change plan’.

Tridify has multiple subscription plans. What is the difference between the subscriptions?

The subscription plans are defined by two things: IFC file storage and amount of conversion. The bigger the plan, you’ll get more file storage and conversions. Please read about our pricing here.

Where can I find my invoices?

Invoices will be sent via email within a few minutes after each payment.

I want to downgrade to the free plan. How do I do this?

You can downgrade to the free plan by cancelling your current subscription on the My plan page.

What happens to my conversions and published models if I downgrade my plan?

If you choose to downgrade your plan and have more uploads in storage than your new downgraded plan allows - all of your current uploads and published models will be frozen until you choose which want you want to take away. When you have enough free capacity (according to new plan) all of the remaining uploads and published conversions will work again. So in conclusion, nothing will be deleted unless you choose to.

Tridify BIM Tools for Unity

Where can I download Tridify BIM Tools plugin for Unity?

Tridify BIM Tools are available here. You can watch our video to see how you install the Tridify BIM tools plugin.

Can I combine multiple 3D models with your service?

Yes you can import multiple conversions to your scene. Take a look at our tutorial on importing BIM models to Unity to find out more.

How do I access the converted files in Unity Editor?

Once you are logged into Unity, you need to login into our web service in Tridify BIM Tools. Select Tools→Tridify→Conversion projects. For username and password use the same credentials that you have used to access our Tridify Convert web service.

I have downloaded and installed Tridify BIM Tools for Unity, but I can’t see the Tridify menu in Unity editor. What is wrong?

The Tridify BIM Tools use .NET scripting runtime 4.x. To be able to use our tools you need to change the Unity Editor runtime to .NET runtime 4.x. You can change the runtime settings from Edit→Project settings→Player Settings→Other settings→Configuration →Scripting runtime version.

I have converted my files in Tridify. What now?

To continue working with your converted file you need to download our Unity plugin Tridify BIM Tool. Tridify BIM Tools are available here. With Tridify BIM Tools you can access the converted files and the original data stored in our database. Check out our tutorials on Basic and Advanced BIM Workflows with Tridify.

Tridify web conversion service

I have converted my IFC in Tridify, what now?

Now you can choose to publish your model! Here is the tutorial.  

How do I get access to the Tridify web conversion service?

Our Tridify web conversion service is accessed at To be able to use the conversion service you need to register and login to the service.

Are my uploaded files secure?

Our automatically scalable cloud service is situated on Amazon AWS cloud service and is created according to AWS's most secure service guidelines. This means that the AWS security team is automatically protecting our service security. Once your file is uploaded using an encrypted connection, the files are saved to an encrypted file service that can’t be decrypted without AWS's decryption service. This means that the files uploaded to our file server are more secure than on most computers in any company premises.

Do you have any tutorial videos?

Yes we do! Please find them HERE

Can I download my converted file to any other application other than Unity?

Currently you can access the converted file only from the Tridify BIM Tools plugin for Unity. We are working on other solutions.

What is the result of the conversion?

The IFC is converted into DAE (Collada) formatted 3D files and the original data included in each object in the IFC file is saved to our database for you to access it them in your project. You can take a look at our tutorial on installing our BIM tools or see how to import BIM models into Unity.

I have uploaded my files to Tridify. What now?

You can choose multiple different conversion methods:

  • Split by floor: All floors in the IFC file will be separated into their own COLLADA (.dae) files.
  • Extra option when using “Split by floor”: Combine stories with no spaces: Combine floors that do not have IfcSpaces to the floor above.
  • Split by type: All IFC types in the IFC file are split into own COLLADA (.dae) files.
You can discover more about your next steps in our tutorials and videos.

The validation failed. Why did this happen?

There are four possibilities why this could have happened.
1. The file is not an IFC file
2. File is corrupted
3. File has wrong formatted IFC data.
4. File has non-standard IFC data
The error message of the validation will give you detailed information about the failed validation.

Tridify is validating the file that I just uploaded. What does that mean?

The validation checks if the uploaded file is correctly formatted and makes sure that it can be converted correctly. The conversion parameter will change according to the findings of the validation, so you’ll have a better understanding what kind of IFC you have just uploaded to our service. Discover more in our tutorial on uploading and converting IFC files.

I have multiple IFC files in a single project. Can I pack them to a single file like zip, rar, gzip?

No. The file upload service doesn’t support packed files. However, you can upload multiple .ifc files in parallel. Take a look at our tutorial on uploading IFC and installing our BIM tools.

Where can I check my current storage capacity and conversion count?

In your account, you can check your storage capacity any time from ‘My plan’ by clicking ‘My plan’ from the top right corner.

Is there any other format supported but IFC?

No but all major 3D architecture and CAD software have an IFC export functionality.

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