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Whatever software you work in, Revit, ArchiCAD, Rhino and others, once you export your BIM or Object as an IFC file, we can quickly import this into our Tridify platform and you can experience your model in 2D, 3D or a fully immersive virtual environment. By walking around your Tridified building, you can instantly access any BIM information that is attached to each element, discuss, make changes, annotate notes and share. You can save time and money by reducing change orders, reducing total cost of ownership and converting sales faster.

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Want to experience Tridify first hand? Then simple fill in our contact form and we’ll activate a FREE Trial Account for 21 days where you can ‘walk’ and ‘look’ around some set models, change materials, colours and more. We’ll send you a User Guide and list out where to easily test different functions. We’ll look forward to a chat once you are ‘in’ and ‘settled’!

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To get started, all you need is your own BIM model, 1 user licence, some storage space and your account set up for a minimum of 1 month.

Once you get underway and you have a better feel for your usage, we’ll be able to chat through package options that might suit best.

This is currently a semi-automated service (fully automated in 2018 and moving to a self-service platform), and it’s very easy to get started; simply fill in our contact form and we’ll be in touch.

Please let us know if you need help creating your own BIM model.

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Online Taster Demo, Onboarding or Training Session

Would you like to be shown some of the key functionality first hand? Perhaps you have just opened a Customer Account and would like Onboarding for your team? Or are you already an Account Member and would like specific training on a function? You just need to have access to the internet and time set aside…

Taster Demo: Allow 15-20 minutes
Onboarding Session: Allow 45-60 minutes
Training Session: Allow 15-30minutes

Simply complete our contact form and we’ll be in touch.

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We have a number of Sales Experts around the globe, so if you would prefer to simply have an exploratory chat, in your own time zone, then please don’t hesitate to call.

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Customer support

Price framework

Our packages are simple and cost effective. As a minimum to start, you just need to allow for 1 licence user per month and a small charge for data storage. If you are a product or equipment manufacturer, there are standard charges per object dependant on whether they are static or dynamic. We offer further options for additional functions, and savings over different time frames. The notice period is only 1 month.

To review the prices that best fit your needs, simply fill in our contact form, we’ll come right back to you.

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What is Tridify?


Tridify is a Collaboration, Sales & Management Tool for the AEC Industry. Our software takes 3D BIM data and 3D assets, integrates them with virtual reality technologies to deliver immersive and interactive VR environments.

Who is it for?


Anyone in the AEC chain from stakeholders, planners, developers and architects through to sales teams and facility managers who want to speed up delivery, save money and extend the value of the project – check out WHY TRIDIFY

What is a 3D BIM model?


BIM (Building Information Modelling) is an intelligent 3D model-based process that gives architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) professionals the insight and tools to more efficiently plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and the infrastructure.

Why should I use BIM? (By Dan Taylor)


Using BIM as a software application gives users the following advantages:

  • 3D visualization of buildings. Your construction team can work better together, as well as with customers and subcontractors. Spot and correct errors in 3D designs before they happen in real life, or fix them faster afterward.
  • Change management. Alterations to building structures and furnishings can be automatically checked, conflicts identified, and quality improved.
  • Construction simulation. Try out different designs and optimize for the best cost-performance ratio while ensuring overall construction soundness and safety.
  • Data management. Attach different kinds of project data (schedules, photos, scans of handwritten notes) to be able to find it all again in one place.
  • Operational management. Check building performance (energy consumption for example) over the lifetime of a building and improve efficiency in remodels and extensions.


What do I need to use Tridify?


Firstly, you just need the App loaded on a device (PC, Laptop, Tablet, iPhone) and an account; Check out how to Set up a Customer Account, or if you’d rather speak to one of our sales team, contact your regional Sales Team

How do I start using Tridify?


Just send us an email to register an account and once set up, we’ll send the links for the App.

Where do I get the App?


We’ll send you a link so you can download it once we have set up an account for you; please fill in our contact form to apply.

How do I use the App?


Once you open an account (trial or live) we can send you our User Guide. We also have a comprehensive video coverage of our applications main functions that can be found on the Tridify Youtube Channel and Features Page on this site,  or you can book an online Training Demo HERE

How much does it cost?


You pay for users & the amount of ‘real estate’ space used, there are no add-ons or hidden costs. Users can be added/removed, and space can be adjusted when needed.

Will I need to pay to upgrade get new Tridify versions and features?


Our general upgrades are FREE. Tridify is being constantly developed with greater automation, new features, functions and models added as a process. Updates are, quick, free and easy to apply by following onscreen instructions.

What support do I get?


We have a support network to look after you or your team and answer any questions. ‘Hands on’ training is available for you as an individual or team, this can be done remotely or face to face if required. Book a training session

Do you charge for training?


General Training is available for FREE, however if you need something very specific, this can be costed on an individual basis whereby our developers can create a solution for you. Speak to one of our sales team


What format of file does Tridify require to work?


Tridify require an IFC file in order transform your BIM into a virtual environment.

Do I always need a IFC file to start?


This depends on how you want to use Tridify. For example, if you want to plan home, office or work space, you can easily build scale models from scratch – even scanning an existing 2D floorplan as a starting point. You don’t therefore need to upload a BIM.

How can I get a 3D BIM model to IFC?


You can produce .ifc files via any major 3D construction design tool using IFC exporting functionality. Once you have set up an account, we can send you links to our guides on how to export from different design tools –  for example:-

  • Revit IFC export settings
  • ArchiCAD IFC export settings

What do I do with my BIM model once I have it ready?


Currently you just need to send any data uploads to support@tridfy.com and we will import into Tridify for you and advise when visible in your account.

Can I automate this service?


We are developing a fully automated self-service portal for uploading BIM models to Tridify which will be available in 2018.

How big a project can I Tridify?


Any size! Our largest to date has been more than 200,000m², however on average it is 10,000m²

How long does it take to Tridify?


This depends on the complexity of the model, the quality of the BIM and the size, so from a matter of hours to days…

How can I tell if my BIM model will work in Tridify?


You can use a third-party BIM checker, but Tridify can also be used itself to check BIM models visually once you’ve uploaded. Once you have opened an account, we can send you links to all our manuals and guides.


What can I do in Tridify?


Tridify is Cloud based, so you can upload, manipulate and annotate dynamic objects real time from anywhere and it is the only solution in the market that works beautifully across mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. You can view and change materials, add furniture or equipment, walk around your environment and make flythrough sequences and much more – check out FEATURES

Can I export a picture?


Yes, Tridify exports pictures that can be sent straight to your email. Please watch our video on this on our FEATURES page.

Can I export a video?


Yes, with PC version Tridify can output video as .mp4 files. Please watch our video on this on our FEATURES page.


What if I don’t have any 3D objects myself?


Tridify has hundreds of real objects form real furniture and design manufacturers. They are all free to use in any projects in Tridify.

How do I get my objects to Tridify?


We are currently developing self-service portal for uploading 3D objects to Tridify. Currently please contact support@tridfy.com for any data uploads and supported formats.

What kind of objects can I put in Tridify?


Tridify is a real time rendering software and this means that the 3D models have some restrictions. Once you have opened an account, we can send you links to download our guide that outlines Tridify’s suitable object specifications and supported formats.