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Have you at least 2 years of experience selling software and cloud-based services to customers in the AEC industry, and embrace the benefit of Open Standards Software?

Most likely you are a VAR and are already presenting VDC solutions to your customers. Or a VR expert who can sell Tridify as a solution for viewing BIM models in a VR device…

Either way, if you can include Tridify in a package with other software and want to join our partner team, please register your interest below.


Are you an AEC Consultant who offers recommendations on the best BIM solutions for construction projects to your clients?

If you have  2+ year of experience in consulting and are experts in BIM and Open Standards Software, we offer a couple of commission structures;  direct/customized or referral.

If you’re ready to join our partner team, please register your interest below.


Are you a BIM specialist, part of the AEC infrastructure in some way? Perhaps you’re in Media, an Influencer, Blogger, Forum Owner or Consultant?

You might regularly come across particular company types or work in verticals where Tridify could bring great benefit to workflows.

If you’re interested in earning a commission for referring a prospect, then please register your interest below.

Why choose to sell or refer Tridify​

Some benefits…

USP > Easiest FREE BCF Issue Communication Viewer & Tools on market that meets demands of all the teams​

QUICK RETURNS > Very short sales cycle (typically 48 hours - 2 weeks, SME/Corporate)​

GOOD FINANCIAL OPTIONS​ > Commissions on new customers​, upsells, referrals, flexible terms

FULL SUPPORT > Partner Portal for deal registrations, technical training, Sales Tool Kits etc.

Ramboll, a leading international design and consulting company, now offers Tridify to all their customers.

“Our objective is to develop best practices in the widespread use of BIM models in communication at different stages of a construction project. Having experienced Tridify on the Hospital Nova project, we recognised the power of being able to communicate using BIM models with all those involved in a project, from BIM experts to construction managers, operational teams to city planners.  We will be offering the Tridify service to all of our future projects.” Max Levander, Director of BIM and Digi Center at Ramboll Finland.

Ramboll is a leading international design and consulting company, offering innovative solutions in the design, construction, building and maintenance of cities, infrastructure, transport and the environment. Employing 16,000 professionals across 300 offices in 35 countries, Ramboll was founded in Denmark in 1945 and had net sales of €1.82 billion in 2020.

In Finland, the company has 2,500 experts working on more than 60 projects and has a turnover of €240 million. Customers include ministries, government agencies and institutions, city and municipal organisations, ports and construction companies.


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