NEW VERSION RELEASE of Tridify BIM conversion service & Tridify BIM Tools plugin!

Posted by Jukka Muhonen, Guide on 9th October 2018

We have just released new version of the Tridify BIM conversion service and Tridify BIM Tools plugin!

The latest version has the following features and improvements:


Tridify, conversion web service updates:

– New: Detailed view of the validation results, errors, warnings and IFC file content


Tridify BIM Tools, Unity plugin updates, version 1.1:

BIM object import (furniture, machines, etc.):

– Fix: Certain types of IFC objects were not imported correctly

Search function:

– New: Total overhaul of the search functionality. Better and easier to use.

Project widow:

– Update: Improved usability of the project widow

To get the newest version of the Unity plugin, login HERE and go to Install Unity tools section.


Thank you for testing Tridify Beta. Please send us feedback, comments and questions to so we can improve our product.

Best regards, Tridify Team

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