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3D BIMs to web fast!

Tridify’s BIM Publishing Service is a fully automated process that delivers 3D BIMs to the web.

“WSP uses the Tridify Web Publishing option for fast and effective VR creation on early design stages to ease the communication process with our clients. We are happy to see services like Tridify that make the digitalisation of the construction industry easier.”  WSP Finland Oy (Take a look at our WSP Use Case)


As an Architect or BIM Manager who works with BIMs, you’ll already know it provides great value for project consensus at different stages of the BIM workflow.

But had you considered that you might be under utilising the benefits of all that data, simply because it might be timely, costly and difficult to share with different user groups within your projects? …

…and especially sharing with those who might not be as technically proficient, who only need to contribute to one aspect of the project or maybe not even located in the same building?

Clients often can’t visualise the project when I show them 2D drawings,said one architect at DCW2019,and, to be honest, some of my team struggle with it too.

We can help solve all this and more… and it all starts with a good BIM and the flexibility of open standards IFC.



Anywhere, Anytime

“Tridify makes it not only easier and faster to publish our 3D models, it also means, we at SATO, can share them with a simple web link and use them in new ways across the business. Being able to view our 3D plans on mobile devices is particularly powerful when it comes to marketing our homes for rent.”  SATO Corporation


With Tridify, we take away all that pain by automating the publishing of BIMs to Web so you can view and share your BIM in an easy, flexible manner across WhatsApp, social media, email, websites.

Just upload an IFC from any software (Revit, SketchUp, ArchiCAD etc.) and our cloud service will process it to show your BIM model on a web page, shareable via a link.

You can view the BIM model on any device that has a web browser mobile, tablet, desktop or via VR headsets. Also, your collaborators and customers don’t need to download applications or register to an account to view the published BIM model, they simply click on a link from where ever they are!

“Right now, the team wants to see the model while they’re on site and I have to tell them to come into the office to look at it. No one wants to do that. If we use Tridify, we share the models through our WhatsApp group and it’ll be amazing!” commented one attendee at DCW 2019. And he’s absolutely right 🙂 

Also, whether you choose to take IFCs from multiple sources and combine models easily into one view, or share specific parts of the published BIM model to a specific user group, YOU control your Intellectual Property Rights by sharing links instead of files.



BIM to the People™

And the cherry on top of the cake?

It starts from only $20 a month per account, you don’t have to pay licences for seats and if you reach capacity on storage, you either delete your IFC files or choose to upgrade to more space.

The cost of 1 month’s storage is peanuts, so your through-put of models can increase, you don’t have to limit your publishing to just the best of the larger projects, you can share and view everything.

You’ll easily reach and communicate with a wider audience by making your 3D BIMS more accessible, you’ll improve everyone’s experience with easy to view 3D environments, PLUS you will be saving time and money too!

Why not open a FREE Trial today and start to check out all the cool features like:

  1. Taking IFCs from different design packages and combining models into one view on the web? Tridify makes it easy for you to show the right things to the right people. For example you might just want to show your customer a single floor, opposed to the whole building; or your engineer the HVAC opposed to the plumbing…
  2. Viewing 3D BIM models on the web FAST by publishing to web? Then sending your colleagues and clients a link across WhatsApp, social channels, email etc. so they can access your model in minutes via mobiles, tablets, desktop?
  3. Sharing specific parts of the published BIM model to a specific user group? You control your Intellectual Property Rights by sharing links instead of files.

Read more on why sharing 3D models can be so beneficial to your bottom line…


Features and benefits that make business sense!

What you might use it for:  

You can use Tridify to help through out the Design Stage of the BIM Workflow, for example

  1. To share your design with others easily (team/customers/investors) 
  2. For Design Acceptance Review 
  3. For Technical collaboration

What do I need to know to get started?

You don’t need any programming skills, just the ability to process your BIM to an IFC format (this is a standard function included in BIM or CAD design software), and upload to Tridify Cloud. All your files are encrypted and hosted on secure AWS Server.

See HOW to publish video, plus other available IFC related tutorials in Support.



What do my collaborators need to interact with my 3D BIM models?  

Access to the web – that’s it! They don’t need any Apps or programming skills. They don’t need VR Goggles to view your 3D model (that’s just an option).


Explore the benefits of Tridify immediately with our free 14 day trial. (No credit card required). If you need greater IFC capacity, once in your account, simply purchase a plan that suits!

Q&A with Stefan Ahlman Architects

The Helsinki-based firm’s projects range from large developments and city planning projects to housing projects and public buildings.

 Q: How are you using Tridify’s BIM to Web Publishing Service?

“Comparing IFC models has usually been done separately before meetings. Tridify’s short conversion time makes it much easier to use 3D models during meetings, as it’s easier to switch between different versions of a model. Alternative methods for presenting 3D models need more work and can’t be used as easily ad-hoc as Tridify. It works well as a quick way of presenting models to clients and members of design teams, as it only needs minimal time and preparation.”

Q: How does it compare to other BIM viewers you’ve used?

“The biggest difference is that you do not need any applications to view the models. You can bring the models from any BIM modelling software and combine them in Tridify.”

Q: Are you using it for full VR or just on mobile devices?

“We are using it for viewing BIMs on mobile devices and the desktop at the moment. We began testing Tridify in August 2019.”

Q: Is it changing the way you work?

“During the design process Tridify can help visualise problems and solutions that otherwise lay ‘hidden’ in the model. To date, we have been testing it on specific projects and we’re still exploring the many ways we could benefit from applying this new workflow. It will be interesting to see in what different ways it can be used.”


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