3D BIMs from Archicad to web fast!

Are you an ArchiCAD user who would like to improve collaboration and share the 3D experience with others?

If that sounds like something you want, you should take a look at Tridify’s fully automated process. It makes it unbelievably quick and easy to process your ArchiCAD designs and publish 3D BIMs to the web.

ArchiCAD users already know that BIMs provide great value for project consensus at different stages of the BIM workflow but now you can take your BIM to the People™!

Start utilising the benefits of all that data – it doesn’t need to be time consuming, costly and difficult to share with different user groups. Incorporate Tridify in your workflow and start sharing with everyone who needs to be involved.

No apps, no specialist software and you control exactly what gets shared with each stakeholder in your project.

Clients often can’t visualise the project when I show them 2D drawings,said one architect at DCW2019,and, to be honest, some of my team struggle with it too.

We can help solve all this and more… and it all starts with modelling good BIMs in ArchiCAD and the flexibility of open standards IFC.

Plus setting up custom IFC attributes and exporting IFC files from ArchiCAD is easier than many people think!


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Anywhere, Anytime

“Tridify makes it not only easier and faster to publish our 3D models, it also means, we at SATO, can share them with a simple web link and use them in new ways across the business. Being able to view our 3D plans on mobile devices is particularly powerful when it comes to marketing our homes for rent.”  SATO Corporation


With Tridify, we take away all that pain by automating the publishing of BIMs to Web so you can view and share your BIM in an easy, flexible manner across WhatsApp, social media, email, websites.

Just upload an IFC from ArchiCAD and our cloud service will process it to show your BIM model on a web page, shareable via a link.

You can view the BIM model on any device that has a web browser - mobile, tablet, desktop or via VR headsets. This means there’s no need for your collaborators and customers to download applications or set up any accounts. They simply click on a link you send to view the published BIM model, from wherever they are and YOU control your Intellectual Property Rights by sharing links instead of files.

“Right now, the team wants to see the model while they’re on site and I have to tell them to come into the office to look at it. No one wants to do that. If we use Tridify, we share the models through our WhatsApp group and it’ll be amazing!” commented one attendee at DCW 2019. And he’s absolutely right 🙂 

Lead architects really value being able to bring together IFCs from multiple sources and combine models easily into one view.

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