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Easily improve team collaboration & your customers' experience, reduce costs & increase productivity by sharing 3D BIMs online.

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1. View & share 3D BIM models on the web FAST!

Send your colleagues and clients a link across WhatsApp, social channels, email etc. so they can access your model in minutes, via mobiles, tablets, desktop.

Developers have access to great tools BUT all your colleagues need is access to the web – that’s it! They don’t need any Apps or programming skills. If you want to use VR Goggles to view your 3D model, just click the goggles icon in your Tridify viewer. Find out more in our Support FAQs area.

2. Share parts of the published BIM model to a specific user group

Tridify’s BIM Publishing Service makes it easy for you to show the right things to the right people. For example you might just want to show your customer a single floor, opposed to the whole building; or your engineer the HVAC opposed to the plumbing…

What’s more, because you’re sharing links and not files (you can take the models down from your account when ever you wish), you have complete control on who sees what and when, and your Intellectual Property remains secure.

3. Combine different IFCs from any design software & publish into one view on the web

You simply upload  different IFCs to your Tridify Account, into the same project.

Then you can create a combined view by selecting the files you would like to publish together – i.e. an architectural model + a plumbing model, or several buildings situated next to each other…

When you click Publish to web, you will be taken to the Published link page, where you’ll find the shareable link that you can copy or open online.

Yes it’s that simple!

4. Create and share projects with specific user groups

Creating projects is designed to make life easier by allowing you to organize your IFC files into different projects. You can then add collaborators to your projects and give them access to your IFC files. Or choose to share your subscription with your team members so they can create their own projects.

Reduce costs by seamlessly turning your BIM into a VR asset for the lifetime of each building

Save time by sharing BIMs easily and fast

Save time on training on software (none required)

Increase your bottom line with Tridify’s extremely affordable subscription

Relax knowing your all your files are encrypted and hosted on secure AWS Server

Save money and time by not having to create your own application

Control your Intellectual Property Rights by sharing links instead of files

Easily communicate with a wider audience by making your 3D BIMs more accessible

Retain and grow customer base by providing a VR model as standard for every project

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