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Upload your BIM models

Wherever you are working, simply export your BIMs to IFC files from almost any 3D BIM & 3D CAD software (Revit, SketchUp, ArchiCAD etc.).
Upload your files to your Tridify BIM Publishing Account to get started. We will make them ready to be published – all automatically and optimally generated.


Combine multiple models

As soon as the processing is complete, choose the combination of models to get the best experience for your audience. Select the tools you need for the Viewer to engage the people the way you want.



Simply share your new web link – to whichever aspect of the model you want – in any way you want. Send links via; email, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. No need for installations, specialist software, credentials or specific devices. Everyone will have access to the tools, including a measure tool and cutting planes tool that they need to get the 3D experience.


View and communicate

You will be able view the models with BIM data on the web via mobile, tablet, desktop or via VR headsets to suit your needs. Anyone with the Tridify BIM Viewer link can simply add a comment to the model and participate in the conversation in real time. It doesn’t matter if you are on the move, on site, in the office, at home … everyone has immediate access from anywhere!

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Download BCF

Bring all communication back to your issue management and design software using a BCF (BIM Collaboration Format) file. And if needed, import the BCF file modified with other software back into the Viewer.

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