Walk through your 3D model on the web & share instantly!

We help you present 3D Floor Plans easily online. Instead of a linear 2D plan, imagine sharing a fully immersive 3D walk-through just by sending a link. Everyone would immediately understand the space and you could speed up design consensus, planning, selling and more.

When you publish your BIM online as our 3D Floor Plan Viewer, you can jump into the model and navigate through easily to get a real feel of the space. In our example above, why not click on the model, scroll and see for yourself? If you have a VR headset handy, click on the goggles icon and enjoy a different perspective. Please note this model might take up to a minute to load depending on your connection, but its pretty fast!

Read more below and sign up for a free account today. For speedy testing, we’ll send you a link to an IFC sample in your welcome email, you can have fun exploring and we’ll look forward to hearing what you think and how you might use the service!



3D Floor Plans made easy!

  • Publish your BIM straight to VR online in minutes – it’s an automated process; no apps or programming skills required
  • Share a link to your model from anywhere using Whats App, social media, email, websites – global reach in an instant!
  • View on mobile, tablet, desktop or via VR headsets to suit your needs, be that on the move, on site, in the office, at home …
  • Seamlessly collaborate with internal teams, external partners and customers – keep complete control on who has access
  • Use links within your online Lead Generation Campaigns – easily apply metrics for analysing results

All you need is to send out a link – it really is that simple for you and your customers!

  • Register for a Tridify BIM to XR Processing Account (Size limited free trial. No credit card required)
  • Export your BIM model to an IFC format & process through the Tridify Cloud ​(You can use our sample IFC to test with if you don’t have your own BIM to hand)
  • Select ‘Publish to Web’
  • Share the URL link via any communication method​ be that Chats, Social Media, Web Links, Embedded to a Web Page, Emails etc. 

That’s it!

It really is that simple for you and your customers, so why not open a free test account HERE ?


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Share 3D Immersive Floor Plans on the web - easily & fast! 1GB Plan for 16 months - you pay just $1000!

Share 3D Immersive Floor Plans on the web - easily & fast! 1GB Plan for 16 months - you pay just $1000!

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