Tridify BIM tools for Unity

With Tridify BIM tools you can import your conversions into Unity and speed up development with tools like searching BIM data, map materials and create lights.

DOWNLOAD BIM TOOLS 2.3.0 Supported Unity versions: Unity 2017.2.5f1 or higher
Installing Tridify BIM Tools
  1. Click the download link above
  2. Either open the downloaded .unitypackage file or in Unity go to Assets > Import Package > Custom package, and locate the package file to import.
  3. Tridify menu should appear under the Tools menu. If not, make sure you are using .NET 4.X as the Scripting Runtime Version (Edit -> Project Settings -> Player -> Other Settings -> Configuration) and restart Unity.
  4. Login to Conversion Projects window from Tridify menu to locate and load your conversions to your scene.
How to use Tridify BIM Tools

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