Tridify BIM Tools for Unity

Import processed 3D BIM & CAD models with BIM data attached straight to Unity software by using the Tridify BIM Publishing Service and the Tridify BIM Tools for Unity.

Search Tool

When objects are imported into Unity by using the Tridify BIM Tools for Unity, all the original BIM data remains attached.  You can use these IFC attributes in the Search Tool to find objects.

There are several search parameters available, such as IFC Product Type and IFC Name.  You’ll be able use the Search Tool even if you have objects without BIM data, by using parameters like GameObject Name and GameObject Tag.  You can add your own search parameters and save your searches.

Material Replacer

Models that have been processed through the Tridify BIM Publishing Service and imported with the BIM Tools for Unity are UV-mapped and have correctly named materials.  You can replace the materials with your custom materials by using the Material Replacer.

With the Material Replacer, you’ll also be able to easily find objects to which a material is assigned. To preserve your changes you can save your new material settings and then load the saved settings to another project.

Floor Lighting

The Tridify Floor Lighting Tool detects automatically floors, ceilings and blocking objects (eg. columns and furniture items) by using BIM data. After object definitions are completed, emissive light planes and light probes will be created into a building model.

With the Floor Lighting Tool, you’ll get basic lighting into your scene, allowing you more time to concentrate on finer details.

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