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API functionalities

Tridify API is designed for web developers who want to use the Tridify BIM Publishing Service to process IFCs straight from their own software.

A preferable option is to use the API. For that, you need a valid Tridify API key*. The other option is to have a valid, up-to-date Tridify cookie on your browser.  Our current version of the API can be found in the end point url.

The main functionalities of the Tridify API are:

  • Get users’ projects and files
  • Upload file to a project
  • Check the status of the file on upload and processing
  • Download result files

Detailed information about the Tridify API can be found in our Swagger documentation.

Here is a basic workflow for uploading a file to the Tridify service, processing it and downloading the results.
Base URL for all API calls is

  1. Get users’ projects
    End point: GET /v1/projects
    Response: This will list all the projects that the user has access to.
  2. Create upload id for a specific project
    End point: POST /v1/projects/{projectId}/uploads
    Response: New ID for the new upload
  3. Create a pre-signed url for uploading the file to the project.
    End point: POST /v1/projects/{projectId}/uploads
    Response: Pre-signed URL where you can upload the file
  4. Upload the file
    End point: PUT pre-signed and file in binary
    Response: 200 if all went well
  5. Check the state of the uploaded file
    End point: GET /v1/uploads/{uploadId}/state
    Response: File state
    The uploaded file will be automatically validated and processed. Once the state is “convert-ifc-finished” the file is successfully processed and ready for download.
  6. Get list of processed files
    End point: GET /v1/uploads/{uploadId}/files?format={fileformat}
    Response: List of file names generated from uploaded file
    Supported file formats are Collada and glTF
  7. Generate download URL for the specific file
    End point: POST /v1/uploads/{uploadId}/download/{fileName}
    Response URL for the data for downloading.

Now you have successfully uploaded the IFC file to Tridify’s service and downloaded the processed files.

*To get a Tridify API key, a valid Light, Standard, Large, Enterprise or Educational Plan subscription is required. See our pricing plans


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