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We are currently running a beta so you can test our service.

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You’ll be able to see how easy it is to transform your 3D models to VR optimised assets, all connected with original BIM data.

Apart from saving you hassle and time, once the beta has finished, to say thank you for testing & reviewing, we’ll give you our SMALL Account free for 1 month!




5MB Capacity

Small Account


Per Month

20MB Capacity

Medium Account


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100MB Capacity

Large Account


Per Month

1GB Capacity

Plan information

Multiple subscription plans, defined by IFC file storage and amount of conversion

The bigger the plan, you’ll get more file storage and conversions


Upgrade to a bigger plan at any time

Go to your account, click ‘My plan’ from the top right corner. From there you can change your subscription by selecting ‘Change plan’.


Subscription is valid until you decide to cancel

The subscription is renewed automatically every month if the subscription is not cancelled


Plan amount is automatically charged monthly from your card...

Until the subscription is cancelled

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