Our virtualisation cloud service delivers automated end-to-end workflow for Unity developers, architects, visualisers and BIM modellers. Take your 3D BIM & CAD models to Unity and get automated lights, automated materials, automated colliders and BIM data attached. Deliver stunning VR models for all kinds of use cases, easily and fast!

Automated BIM Tools

A Unity Editor plugin

Easy access to your conversion projects

Import conversions to Unity

Easily load your models that have been converted with Tridify BIM conversion service

Advanced search to find objects

Search for objects that have specific data such as a construction phase or buildings external structures

Material Mapping

Can be saved and used for multiple projects

Basic automatic lighting generation

Light probe generation by few simple steps

Ready to start using our automated BIM Tools?

First activate A FREE ACCOUNT and then download the Tools from Unity Asset Store

To output VR models fast, first export your BIM to Unity

Simply export your model to an IFC format, upload to Tridify's BIM conversion Cloud Service for automatic optimisation

Takes only minutes to verify the suitability for conversion

Easy IFC file upload

Simple export from almost any 3D BIM & 3D CAD program

Automatic model splitting

By Type and/or Storey

Automatic UV-mapping

Depending on your file size this can take only minutes

Database access!

To all the BIM data linked to each object

Need stunning virtual models fast?

Activate A FREE ACCOUNT today!

Working with Tridify BIM conversion service, not only can we speed up our workflow so we can spend more time on the creative elements, we can turn around multiple projects in the same timeframe. Tridify BIM conversion service is the must have service for any one developing a BIM-data to Unity visualisation workflow.

Adrian Esdaile, Senior Project Architect / BIM Manager, Billard Leece Partnership

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