What is Tridify Convert?

Tridify Convert is a 2-part service that allows you to take 3D BIM & CAD models to Unity with BIM data attached, plus a tool set that enables you to automate a number of functions easily! 

The first part of Tridify Convert is a BIM Conversion Service. 

When you upload your 3D BIM file in an IFC format, we automatically convert it to a Collada (DAE) format and you’ll get a UV mapped and optimised model with automatic polygon reduction for hidden faces, and database access to all the BIM data when you take it into Unity.

Depending on the size of your model, this takes only minutes!


Tridify BIM Tools, Unity Editor

The second part is our Tridify BIM Tools, Unity Editor plugin.

Now that you can connect all 3D objects to the original BIM data in Unity, you can use an advanced search to group objects with specific data such as a construction phase or a building’s external structure.

There’s material mapping that can be saved and used for multiple projects, and automatic lighting and light probe generation in a few simple steps.


Don’t do it!

Converting architectural models to virtual models has previously been an uphill struggle and error-prone work. Tridify has developed an easy and fast workflow for Unity developers to use their preferred 3D modeling software,  export to an IFC file format, and import BIM models and data to Unity Editor for all kinds of use cases, from simulation through to XR applications.

Architects typically have all the BIM data contained in their models, and historically whilst transfer to developers and modelers takes place, this isn’t seamless and easy…  


...Don’t do it the old way!

The idea behind Tridify Convert is not only to make the process less cumbersome, but to keep all the data connected to its geometry for easy manipulation through powerful search functions. We’ve selected an IFC format as the input because of its open standard and global use across most AEC tools like Autodesk Revit and ArchiCAD.

With no need for manual remodelling, the ability to locate and group objects in only a few clicks and some standard functions automated, you will reduce errors and free up time to be more creative!

Get started - 5 easy steps!

You first need to register for a Tridify Convert Account so you can upload your files to your secure space. Then access Tridify BIM Tools, Unity Editor plugin so you can import your model to Unity and use all the automated features.

  1. Register for a FREE Tridify Convert Account
  2. Upload your BIM models in an IFC file format to convert
  3. Download & install Tridify BIM Tools from Asset Store
  4. Import your converted models to Unity
  5. Get creative!
Tridify Convert really has made a huge difference when converting render-able material from IFC files - it’s fast and easy to use!

Tommi Lehtonen, CEO and Creative, Unitc Ltd

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