Tridify ConvertBeta

Tridify Convert provides seamless end-to-end project workflow from architectural 3D BIM and CAD models to the Unity end product using IFC data.

For the first time, you really will be able to get the benefit of the BIM data in Unity!

How it works & what you get

Our 2-part service comprises Tridify Convert, IFC Conversion web service and Tridify IFC Tools, Unity Editor plugin.  

Tridify Convert supports any 3D model that has been exported into an IFC format, and throughout our conversion process, we retain the IFC object data, optimise the geometry and generate UV mapping to then output as COLLADA (DAE, geometry) files.

By downloading the Tridify Unity Editor Toolkit, you can then connect all 3D objects to the original IFC data.

Using Tridify Convert, you will:

  • No longer need to manually re-model 3D BIM and CAD models for Unity projects
  • Get UV-mapped and optimised models
  • Save time and reduce errors!

Tridify IFC Tools, Unity Editor plugin 

  • Use BIM data not only in Unity Editor but also in run-time environment


Unity Edition: Our plugin is compatible with Unity Personal, Plus and Pro. Unity 2017.1 or newer is required.

.NET Runtime: Tools are only available with .NET 4.6x runtime.


Key time-saving features that use IFC data

  • Tridify Convert: Automatic UV-mapping Optimised models
  • Tridify Convert: Automatic polygon reduction For hidden faces
  • Tridify Convert: Automatic model splitting By object type, by building storey etc.
  • Tridify Convert: Database access To all the BIM data linked to each object
  • Tridify Convert: Import functionality Adds 3D models with relevant BIM data to your projects
  • IFC Tools, Unity Editor plugin: Collider generation For things like floors and walls
  • IFC Tools, Unity Editor plugin: Basic automatic lighting generation Light probe generation by few simple steps
  • IFC Tools, Unity Editor plugin: Material mapping Can be saved and used for multiple projects
  • IFC Tools, Unity Editor plugin: Advanced search to find objects based on BIM data Search for objects that have specific data such as a construction phase or buildings external structures

Sign up to our beta today and open a FREE account!

Manually creating VR optimised twins of 3D models can be very stressful as the process often tends to be time consuming, error-prone and repetitive.

Join our beta today to save time and reduce stress!

Here you will be able to:

  1. Upload and convert your IFC models
  2. Download & install Tridify IFC Tools
  3. Import your converted models to Unity
  4. Get creative!

You’ll be able to see first hand how easy it is to transform your 3D models to VR optimised assets, all connected with original IFC data. You won’t have the hassle of manual remodelling, and coupled with the Tridify IFC Tools for Unity Editor, a number of other functions will be automated too!

Please send us feedback during your beta experience – the good, the bad and ugly – as then we can continue to improve our service, thank you.