Tridify ConvertBeta

Tridify’s online IFC Conversion Service automatically converts 3D architectural models to XR ready 3D files.

We also provide a toolkit for Unity Editor that includes colliders, material mapping, automatic UV generation & lighting, all of which helps to reduce human error & manual work.

How it works

Our Automated IFC Conversion Service supports any 3D model that has been exported into an IFC format.

Throughout our conversion process, we retain the IFC object data, optimise the geometry and generate UV mapping to then output as Collada (DAE, geometry) files.

By downloading the Tridify Unity Editor Toolkit, you can then connect all 3D objects to the original IFC data.

Key time-saving features that use IFC data

  • Search functionality Across any IFC data (name, type etc.)
  • Collider generation For things like floors and walls
  • Basic automatic lighting generation
  • Material mapping

Our Packages

Experience our online service by signing up to our closed BETA where you’ll automatically get 20MB capacity for 30 days – if you need more space during the BETA, please just contact us.

Going forward, you can subscribe to one of the following monthly or annual packages.



Per Month

20MB Monthly Capacity

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Per Month

1GB Monthly Capacity

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Sign up to our closed BETA!

Manually creating VR optimised twins of 3D models can be very stressful as the process often tends to be time consuming, error-prone and repetitive.

Why not register to join our closed BETA which will be available shortly. We’ll send you an access code in due course, and you’ll be able to see first hand how easy it is to transform your 3D models to VR optimised assets, all connected with original IFC data. You won’t have the hassle of manual remodelling, and coupled with the Tridify Unity Editor Toolkit, a number of other functions will be automated too!

Please send us feedback during your BETA experience – the good, the bad and ugly – as then we can continue to improve our service, thank you.


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