Taking architectural 3D BIM & CAD models to Unity with BIM data attached

Get a UV & optimised model with database access to BIM data automatically - in minutes not hours!


Save time & reduce errors

Bridging the gap between BIM and Game Engines

1. Your BIM model

Create your 3D BIM model in any BIM/CAD software

2. Conversion

Convert your models though our online service to optimise them for game engines

3. BIM data in Unity

Use original BIM data together with our powerful Unity Editor plugin to get the most out of your applications

Proud to be partners with game-engine technologists

Get started - 5 easy steps!

You need to register for a FREE Tridify Convert Account so you can upload your files to your secure space and have access to Tridify IFC Tools, Unity Editor plugin.

  1. Register for a FREE Tridify Convert Account
  2. Upload and convert your IFC models
  3. Download & install Tridify IFC Tools from Asset Store
  4. Import your converted models to Unity
  5. Get creative!
Having the BIM data available in Unity is brilliant - I am a Tridify Convert convert!!

Max Strong, Developer

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