Interact with BIM data online & share models instantly!

Tridify BIM Viewer is a use case in development. When you choose to publish your BIM to Web in this mode, you can view all the original BIM data. Why not click on the model and see for yourself?

Sign up for a free account today. For speedy testing, we’ll send you a link to an IFC sample in your welcome email, you have fun exploring and we’ll look forward to hearing what you think and how you might use the service!

Also, if you want to share your model for others to navigate through, then choose to publish online with our Floorplan Viewer – Again, simply share your designs via a web browser and allow your audiences to walk through or wear a VR headset for full immersion!

Check out Tridify’s Floor Viewer


No technical know-how!

We help you present VR models easily online for use across all stages of workflow including design consensus, planning, selling and more.

All you need is to send out a link – it really is that simple for you and your customers!

  • Publish your BIM straight to VR online and interact with your model from anywhere using mobile, desktop, VR devices etc.
  • You can grant views to each target audience according to their or your skill levels, needs and interests. At the minute we have 2 use cases in development– Floor Viewer where you can ‘walk-though’ your model and BIM Viewer where you can check out data.

All you need to do is:

  • Register for a Tridify BIM to XR Processing Account (Size limited free trial. No credit card required)
  • Export your BIM model to an IFC format & process through the Tridify Cloud ​(You can use our sample IFC to test with if you don’t have your own BIM to hand)
  • Select ‘Publish to Web’
  • Select the ready-made use case with the appropriate function you need
  • Share the URL link via any communication method​ be that Chats, Social Media, Web Links, Embedded to a Web Page, Emails etc. 

That’s it!


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Share 3D Immersive Floor Plans on the web - easily & fast! 1GB Plan for 16 months - you pay just $1000!

Share 3D Immersive Floor Plans on the web - easily & fast! 1GB Plan for 16 months - you pay just $1000!

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