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Tridify: Supporting you and your students online

Are you a tutor or head of an educational institute working with BIMs?

Then you already know BIMs offer the AEC many things including efficiency benefits, both in time and accuracy. It’s also certain that your courses are structured to prepare students in all aspects of BIM, so they are better equipped for employment.

The question is how can you help and support your students working with IFCs to better understand the 3D capture pipeline, help them progress faster, all whilst making efficient use of your own time?

Courses usually use a variety of teaching methods, including lectures, seminars, workshops, tutorials and written assignments. Whether your students are learning in groups or independently, at some point they will be using online resources.

Tridify offers a FREE Educational Plan for Tutors and Students, to combine, share and view IFC models in a web browser. By bringing in models in an IFC format from any software, students can quickly develop effective knowledge of building design practice by seeing their work in minutes and sending tutors links for input. In turn tutors can easily run real-time lectures, mark and guide from anywhere – even on site.

Read more from one of our Student Ambassadors, Rhys PhillipsMEng (Hons) Civil Engineering with Industrial Placement studying at Bath University, and a trainee engineer at BAM Nuttall.

Rhys has been taking Revit IFCs into Tridify in order to put Revit models into an easily accessible 3D viewer for coursework and display purposes.

Why not open a University Account today and help speed up your students’ BIM Workflow Learning Cycle?

Do you want to support your students online?

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For a quick, easy and highly versatile tool that allows models to be shared almost instantly, Tridify is the perfect choice.

Rhys Phillips

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