Learn about reducing risk & guaranteeing delivery of economically efficient healthcare in years to come...

Stream large & complex BIMs from the Cloud

Limited memory, size of BIM model, location - all are no longer an issue !

The BIM Publishing Service for combining, sharing and viewing IFC models in a web browser. Stream large & complex models on your mobile; Comment & collaborate in our Viewer - no technical or financial barriers.

Case study

KSSHP use Tridify to deliver economically efficient healthcare

“Tridify helped us to gather feedback from so many different groups who would be using the building - it was invaluable in helping shape its design. Changes were made to the architect plans based on feedback and the result being an improved hospital which avoids any expensive alterations once the hospital is complete.” Mikko Jylhä, Project Director, Hospital Nova

Case study

WSP work with Tridify to share BIMs with non technical stakeholders

“As soon as we saw the Tridify service we knew it was what we’d been waiting for,” commented Roope Syvälahti, construction consultant and project manager at WSP Finland, “Being able to rapidly publish BIM models to the web opens up new ways of working. This ease of use is impressive, with no barriers to adoption"

Case study

GSP works with Tridify to give visibility and clarity to investors

"GSP uses Tridify to help banks and investors provide us equity and loans at the design phase” reports Ilkka Kilpimaa, Partner GSP Group, "being able to share our BIMs with investors at the earliest stage, we can secure buy in"

Case study

SATO speeds up their sales cycle with Tridify

“Tridify makes it not only easier and faster to publish our 3D models, it also means, we at SATO, can share them with a simple web link and use them in new ways across the business. Being able to view our 3D plans on mobile devices is particularly powerful when it comes to marketing our homes for rent.” SATO Corporation

Paid plans starting from $20 a month

Free to try

5 reasons to have Tridify as part of your BIM Tool Kit

  1. Uses Open Standard IFC so you can upload any BIM from any software;
  2. Provides multiple models in one view by combining different IFCs together & publishing to web;
  3. Is developed for mobile first viewing, so everyone can access models anywhere they are, on devices they already have;
  4. Has all the clever programming hidden, so no apps, software or training is required for teams and clients to view the link;
  5. Is incredibly cost effective with multi user access starting from only $20 a month…

Tridify is a simple extension to your favourite tool-sets, adding immediate value to existing workflows by delivering the new generation of barrier free BIM sharing. 

Tridify really has made a huge difference when converting render-able material from IFC files - it’s fast and easy to use!

Tommi Lehtonen, CEO and Creative, Unitc Ltd

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