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Simply convert your BIM to an IFC, upload to Tridify Cloud & publish in minutes to get a 3D model on the web - No apps or programming skills required!

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Get faster results with 3D models online

  • Publish your BIM straight to a web page in minutes – it’s an automated process; no apps or programming skills required
  • Share a link to your model from anywhere using chats, social media, email, websites – global reach in an instant!

“WSP uses the Tridify Web Publishing option for fast and effective VR creation on early design stages to ease the communication process with our clients. We are happy to see services like Tridify that make the digitalisation of the construction industry easier.”  WSP Finland Oy

Click on our model embedded on this website – ready to explore in less than a minute! Please note that download times on phones may vary dependant on phone type/operating system.

How it works

"Amazing! It really is so quick and easy to use"

This isn’t made up marketing blurb – it’s what our customers keep telling us 🙂

Tridify’s mission is to make BIM models easier to share through automation. By making them accessible to everyone, we aim to open new opportunities and encourage sustainability in the AEC industry. BIM to the People™

“Right now, the team wants to see the model while they’re on site and I have to tell them to come into the office to look at it. No one wants to do that. If we use Tridify, we share the models through our WhatsApp group and it’ll be amazing!” commented one attendee at DCW 2019. And he’s absolutely right 🙂 

See how this dramatically improves communication for architects and BIM Managers, both internally and externally  READ MORE



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Use case

Share 3D floor plans on the web from anywhere!

Do you want to pre-sell commercial or residential properties? Send your prospects a link so they instantly get an immersive tour via tablet, desktop or mobile.

Use case

Global reach in 1 click

Want to generate leads and build databases? Why not embed your 3D model on your website and activate a Lead Generation Campaign to drive prospects to the property...

Use case

Access your 3D model where ever you are

How would you like to review on the spot changes in context of the environment? Send a link to your colleagues on site and help speed up decisions by collaborating real time...

Working with Tridify , not only can we speed up our workflow so we can spend more time on the creative elements, we can turn around multiple projects in the same timeframe. Tridify is the must have service for any one developing a BIM-data to Unity visualisation workflow.

Adrian Esdaile, Senior Project Architect / BIM Manager, Billard Leece Partnership

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