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Tridify is a Collaboration, Sales & Management Tool for the AEC Industry. Our software takes BIM data and 3D assets, integrates them with virtual reality technologies to deliver immersive and interactive VR environments.

Tridify is Cloud based, so you can upload, manipulate and annotate dynamic objects real time from anywhere and it is the only solution in the market that works beautifully across mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Whether planning, constructing, selling or maintaining, Tridify’s easy-to-use automated processes delivers on-the-spot, productive solutions for everyone in the supply chain.

Accessible across the value chain

When a BIM model is translated into a Tridify’s VR high quality environment, you can experience the building accurately inside and out.  You can choose to navigate across multiple aspects including plan view, 3D or 360°, automate the upload of products (static and dynamic), build your own catalogue and/or use ours.

Tridify’s Collaboration, Sales & Management Tool offers further value though its ability to create virtual reality videos with live interaction along with ‘snap’ screenshots, 360° images and stereo pictures. All these can be compiled in seconds and sent via email instantly.

  • Integrated

    Platform agnostic means quick implementation

  • Accessible

    SaaS, all projects available across all devices

  • Collaborative

    Better teamwork, joined-up thinking, stronger relationships

  • Scalable

    From detail up to a masterplan

Tridify is the driver for operational excellence

Tridify is platform agnostic so makes for simple integration, and our cost effective, scalable subscription based service provides quick addition/removal of licences and management of user permissions.

We empower collaboration, contribution, quicker decision-making and more efficient working processes, which in turn helps deliver shorter build and sales cycles to increase and speed up overall ROI.

Effective construction planning

We are proud to be working with world class clients and look forward to discussing your project.

“Tridify is a deal-making machine that gives much needed support in the fast-paced property transaction and leasing market. It helps us to communicate the potential of the building and the premises, incorporate customer needs and adjust detailed floor plans accordingly. The time this takes ranges from minutes to a few days. Thanks to Tridify, we can demonstrate to our customers that their needs are really understood and taken into account.

With easily understandable 3D and 360° visualisations, we can quickly convince our customers about each property, and the quality of our work, in a professional manner. Further, with the cost of one old fashioned visualisation picture that took a few days to create, Tridify enables us to take as many high quality visuals of the premises for marketing and presentations purposes that we want, from anywhere and from any angle, within a few seconds, saving money and time. The great thing is that I can choose the best picture by myself.
The process is well personalised and tailored to customer’s specific needs, shortening sales process and resulting in greater customer satisfaction, improving the probability to close deals.”

Tomi Gronlund Head of Transactions at Aberdeen Asset Management

3D rendered scene

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